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Curious About Our Culture?

We strive towards a company that is capable of providing its employees with a work environment that can utilize their creativity and willpower in a way they want to.

Our mission is to create a successful and stable work environment, that is capable of providing space and resources to experiment, explore, succeed, fail, learn and grow.

The following sentence contains the core of our vision and mission.

“It is our dream to create a happy and successful business, allowing us to use its success and power to make the world a better place”


It is our mission to work on creating a happy organization where we will all enjoy working, while at the same time building a successful company. A company that will keep its progress in years to come, both in terms of growing the number of employees and increasing revenue and profit. This can be achieved through constant personal development and by facing the day-to-day work challenges with a positive attitude.


A successful company is our vision, but not just one whose success will meet our existential needs. We strive to go even further, using our success and wealth to make the world surrounding us a much better place. We begin with our colleagues, increasing their wages and improving their living conditions and those of their families. Giving back to our local community is our prerogative, but we do not want to stop there. This is why we do what we do.

Our Team.

We are people with a vision. Our team has 10+ years of experience in developing custom solutions for small and medium businesses across the World.

Djordje Najdanov

Business Development Director

Ivan Mojsejev

Marketing director

Srdjan Marinkovic

Lead developer

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